Summary & Objectives

by Almut ArnethLUC4C will advance our fundamental knowledge of the climate change - land use change interactions, and develop a framework for the synthesis of complex earth system science into guidelines that are of practical use for policy and societal stakeholders.

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Our aim is to identify the beneficial and detrimental aspects of alternative land use options. To do so, we work on improving and evaluating a suite of modelling approaches at different levels of integration and complexity.

In particular, LUC4C aims to:

1. enhance our ability to understand the societal and environmental drivers of land use and land cover change (LUC) relevant to climate change;

2. assess regional and global effects of different mitigation policies and adaptation measures within alternative socio-economic contexts;

3. quantify how the LUC-climate change interplay affects regional vs. global, and biophysical vs. biogeochemical ecosystem-atmosphere exchange, and how the relative magnitude of these interactions varies through time;

4. advance our ability to represent LUC in climate models;

5. assess LUC-climate effects on multiple land ecosystem services and analyse these in relation to other societal needs that provide either a synergy or trade-off to climate mitigation and adaptation.